Meal planning Monday 27.1.14

menu board


Still in need of comfort food so this week’s plan reflects that.

Monday 27th Fish chowder
Tuesday 28th Left over fish chowder
Wednesday 29th Tuna & baked potato
Thursday 30th Chilli & rice
Friday 31st Sausage & bean casserole
Saturday 1st Coq au vin
Sunday 2nd Roast beef, Yorkshire pudding & veg

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meal planning monday 20.1.14


Back to ‘normal’ after a difficult fortnight which saw best made  plans abandoned and meals consisting of either toast or takeaways.  So I’m easing back into meal planning with old favourites that don’t require any elaborate preparation or shopping. Just things  that I can cook on autopilot.

Monday 20th Baked potato, tuna & salad
Tuesday 21st Veg box risotto
Wednesday 22nd Romano peppers & leftover risotto
Thursday 23rd Cheese omelette
Friday 24th Fishcakes, new potatoes & broccoli
Saturday 25th Dhal & vegetable rice
Sunday 26th Bangers & mash

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meal planning monday 6.1.14

menu board


Back to work already! Busy planning and designing new curriculum.  Tomorrow we have ‘Team building’ – what joy!  Still trying to find the balance between healthy eating and quick and easy.

Monday 6th Celeriac and apple soup & Leek and cheddar muffins
Tuesday 7th Prawn risotto
Wednesday 8th t Roast Chicken, Yorkshires & veg
Thursday 9th Jambalaya
Friday 10th Duck Confit & veg
Saturday 11th Salmon, broccoli & potato bake
Sunday 12th Turkey balti & rice

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New Year’s Meal Plan

menu boardChristmas as flown by in flash and we’re already hurtling towards the New Year.   Today we have a trip to London planned, weather permitting.  So this is the plan for the rest of the week.

Monday 30th London
Tuesday 31st Steak pie & neaps
Wednesday 1st Coq au vin & veg
Thursday 2nd Lemon & parsnip soup
Friday 3rd Feta stuffed burgers & salad
Saturday 4th Salmon filet & veg
Sunday 5th Slow cooker  beef Provencal





Christmas Meal Planning Monday

menu blackboard

Christmas is finally here after weeks and weeks of build up. We travelled home today after a weekend with my Knight-in-Shining-Armour’s family. No it’s not a Christmas tradition but a celebration of a family member surviving a major illness this year.  They will be partying on all week whilst we are returning to have Christmas at home with my side of the family. I’m looking forward to being able to relax.

Monday 23rd Eating somewhere on the journey home
Tuesday 24th Poached salmon, now potatoes & veg
Wednesday 25th Traditional Christmas Turkey & trimmings
Thursday 26th Indian Feast – this has become a family tradition with my children who are not keen on too much traditional Christmas fayre.
Friday 27th Left overs
Saturday 28th Left overs
Sunday 29th French onion soup



Meal Planning Monday 16.12.13

menu blackboard

Christmas will be taking over everything at work this week. We’ve written our letters to Santa,  retold the story of the First Christmas and solved a variety of Christmassy mathematical problems. So this week it will be Christmas lunch, Nativity play, parties, Christmas disco, visit from Santa and the Carol Service. I love it but it is exhausting.  We also have a colleague who is retiring so there will also be a variety of farewell celebrations interspersed throughout the week.

So this is a pared down meal plan, mainly using up what is in the fridge and  freezer.

Monday 16th Cheese and ham omelette
Tuesday 17th Prawn & lemon risotto
Wednesday 18th Tuna & Baked potato
Thursday 19th Retirement do
Friday 20th Slow cooker beef casserole
Saturday 21st Away for family celebration
Sunday 22nd Away for family celebration

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meal planning monday 9.12.13

menu blackboard

Doesn’t Monday come around quickly?  This is  my minimal effort menu plan for another busy week – speedy meals and leftovers!

Monday 9th Chicken soup & toast
Tuesday 10th Fennel & tomato risotto
Wednesday 11th Mushroom omelette
Thursday 12th Chicken jalfrezi & rice
Friday 13th Sausage and bean casserole
Saturday 14th Leftovers.
Sunday 15th Poached Salmon, New Potatoes and broccoli.

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meal planning monday 2.12.13

menu blackboard

A busy week ahead so to keep me on track I’ve already made the Shepherd’s pie – special request from my DD for her birthday supper.

Monday 2nd Chestnut& parsnip soup
Tuesday 3rd   Baked potato & prawn cocktail
Wednesday 4th Shepherd’s Pie and mixed veg
Thursday 5th Left over shepherd’s pie
Friday 6th Salmon, broccoli & hew potatoes
Saturday 7th Stuffed Romano peppers
Sunday 8th Roast chicken, Yorkshire pudding and fresh veg

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meal planning monday 25.11.13

menu blackboard



Another busy week ahead so I’m making good use of the slow cooker.  Sunday is my Knight in Shining Armour’s birthday. I’m not sure what we’ll be eating that night but I’m hoping it will involve going to a nice restaurant.   Head over to Mrs M‘s for more delicious meal plans.

Monday 25th Quick Salmon pasta
Tuesday 26th Risotto using up left over salmon.
Wednesday 27th Chilli & rice
Thursday 28th Cheese and ham omelette
Friday 29th Sausage & Bean casserole
Saturday 30th Slow cooked lamb
Sunday 1st Restaurant


meal planning monday 18.11.13

meal plan blackboard

Meal planning is helping me be much more organised with shopping, time and in the kitchen.  It seems to be getting colder here this week so lots of warming winter favourites. Visit Mrs M’s for more meal planning ideas.

Monday               Left over coq au vin

Tuesday               Gluten free pizza

Wednesday          Cheese and ham omelette

Thursday             Chicken fajitas

Friday                  Steak pie tatttie & neaps

Saturday              Mince & potatoes

Sunday                 Slow cooker lamb shanks