Nature & Love.

Inspired by Elsie’s Tanka Prompt Nature & Love.

Romantic escape

From daily realities

Acknowledging love.

Forging a life together

‘til nature plays its last trick.






Day 3 of Carpe Diem’s countdown to Christmas is  Decorations.


Look past the glitz – not

Frivolous decorations

But time capsules.

I collect Christmas decorations.  Every decoration I put on my tree is a memory of a place, experience or of a person. The ones in the collage above remind me of happy times with my Mum – her helping me decorate my first Christmas Tree in my own home,  her eye’s sparkling as she celebrated Christmases with her beloved grandchildren. The little ice cube snowman is one of my favourites. I bought it during what turned out to be our last ever shopping trip – bitter sweet memories.

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Gone, but not forgotten

This weekend’s WP Photo Challenge is Gone, but not forgotten.


This is my Grandma, her three sisters and one of her brothers. I don’t know when it was taken but as they look so young I’d guess it was just before or near the beginning of the war. The three sisters never married, they lost their sweethearts in the war but my children and I make sure none of them are forgotten.   This theme could easily apply to nearly all the people in my Family History Gallery.