TJ’s Household Haiku Prompt – Window & Heart.

External façade,

misty  windowpane conceals

a sad, broken heart.




Building Blocks of History 13th September

Things happen every day, big and small. Together they make our family history, our local history, our country’s history and sometimes they become part of global history.

All of these things happened on 13th September  in years gone by.

In 122 AD the building of Hadrian’s Wall began.

In 1894 J.B. Priestley was born.

In 1902 Harry Jackson was the first person to be convicted using fingerprint evidence in Britain.

In 2010 we enjoyed a break in County Cork.

Memories of cool

evening sunshine cheers the heart

in the winter months.


What does 13th September  mean to you?  Create a Blocks of History post and add a link in the comments box.