The Awakening

WP Photo Challenge – Awakening.

Slumbering through the

revolution, emerging

into a new world.


2 thoughts on “The Awakening

  1. Hi Marie.. i don’t usually comment
    unless i’m sure my comments will not
    overwhelm the Person at Hand as they tend
    to go on long as anyone who’s written 6 Million
    Words in 5 Years will tend to Naturally do in Flow
    as Haiku Becomes Forever now as River and Ocean
    Whole but i find it sad that not only have you Disappeared
    with Your New Haiku since Close to Tax Day in the USA
    of April 15th of 2018.. but even more a surprise
    to me is the awake i see that after
    getting your notifications
    in my Email and
    never missing
    one of your
    Posts in literally
    years now since you visited
    and liked several of my Novel
    Size efforts which in fact if you
    you did read from first part to
    like button that surely means years
    of reciprocation from me as far as the
    Golden Rule of Tit for Tat goes as it takes
    the Average Blogger around 2 Years to out
    put what i do in 7 Days or so of Effortless Flow
    as Practice will make that happen all Naturally in
    Holy and Creative Spirit if one stays all Luke Hot that way..
    iN CooL ease of LoVE ReLeaSe MeTaphor Quantum of unLeashing
    Love within as ReLeaSe of HoLY and Creative SpiRit LeaPinG all
    and white
    think of
    Cognition still
    yes.. my friEnd the
    Art World of the Haiku Ocean Whole..
    anyway.. obviously i am not the only one
    who stays busy enough not to fully realize you’ve
    been gone from the Webosphere this Long and while
    i would expect that relatively speaking very few would miss
    me if i ever decided on another special Interest but an ongoing
    6 Million Word Longest Long Form Poem Bible in a 5 Year or so
    Effort aLong with what is closing in on 10K Miles of Public Dance
    in the same Human CLock Derived Feel and Sense of Linear time
    now.. and also considering that out of the up to 8 or so likes i get on
    one of my Novel Sized efforts that are mostly just bait to get someone
    to click the like box on another post like a game of marbles with no substance
    of Soul at all.. i was surely not going to leave the comment box left vacant when
    i finally noticed you were amiss.. and it truly is sad considering that you and other
    people who receive 40 to 100 Likes each week are never even noticed when they go
    missing too.. as far as the actual reciprocation of human contact that says i enjoyed
    tHe ArT you Brought hope you are doing okay and look forward to you returning so i will
    enjoy your Art
    some more
    it’s true
    my friEnd
    there is incivility
    Growing so much
    in the United States
    where i live where folks are
    separated electronically at least
    and in Flesh and Blood Distance too
    but in most cases it’s not the incivility
    of actually saying something mean.. it’s
    just the incivility that other Flesh and Blood Humans
    are even Human or even actually exist at all worth at
    least a smile that says Hi.. i am Human too.. ‘likes’ are kinda
    empty but ok.. and True i am Retired so i have even less excuse
    to Give that i Missed the fAct you’ve been gone 2 months now..
    thing is my friEnd when i make a Human mistake.. i quickly
    make up for it with
    Additional Love..
    ways so
    to Read you soon mY friEnd
    for all i see are friEnds no matter what..
    obviously the other person who commented
    is fully human.. worth a visit i’m sure as i notice folks like that too..:)

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