Happy New Year


High hopes for fresh starts,

faltering steps navigate

unforeseen set backs.



Happy New Year

New Year’s Day – a time for looking back over last year and looking forward the new. We had some ups and downs during the year but on the whole we were blessed with more ups than downs.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year!


New Year’s Meal Plan

menu boardChristmas as flown by in flash and we’re already hurtling towards the New Year.   Today we have a trip to London planned, weather permitting.  So this is the plan for the rest of the week.

Monday 30th London
Tuesday 31st Steak pie & neaps
Wednesday 1st Coq au vin & veg
Thursday 2nd Lemon & parsnip soup
Friday 3rd Feta stuffed burgers & salad
Saturday 4th Salmon filet & veg
Sunday 5th Slow cooker  beef Provencal





Happy New Year

happy-New-YEarHappy New Year. I took this picture on our New Year’s Day walk. It was lovely to see some sunshine.

On to the resolutions. I’ve never been very good at them but this year I am hoping that the blog will keep me focussed.

  1. Health – all the usual ones; lose weight, exercise more, drink less and so reduce blood pressure.
  2. Living within my means – set a budget, pay off credit card, save.
  3. Downsizing – dispose of everything there isn’t room for.

I  must be mad, they are all things I’m not very good at and they already look daunting now they are written down.  So I think I’ll have to break them down into more manageable monthly goals.



New Year’s Eve

The last day of 2012, a quiet but good year for me and my loved ones which is just what we needed after a few difficult years. The only grey cloud is the lack of communication from my brother. It’s his birthday today so I’ve sent him a message. Perhaps this will be the one he answers.

When we were growing up our family’s  traditional New Year’s Meal was always Steak Pie and Neeps.  This is my version.

Steak Pie

(serves 4)


500 g shin beef

6 pork chipolatas cut in half

2 Kallo beef stock cubes

1 swede

vegetable oil

1 sheet of ready made puff pastry.

1. Trim the beef and brown in oil in pressure cooker.

2. Add the stock. Bring to boil. Bring pressure cooker up to steaming and cook for 10 minutes.

3. Put puff pastry in hot oven – see instructions on packet.

3. Add the sausages and simmer.

4. Steam swede.

5. Mash with butter and black pepper.