Learning curves

This week’s WP Photo Challenge is Curve.

This amazing buidling is the Library of Birmingham, designed by Francine Houben.

Brain waves, learning curves

custodian of knowledge

ancestral wisdom.







A ‘lil Hoohaa’s January 5 Photo Blogging Challenge is Inside.

Seen from the outside

It’s impossible to tell

What’s hidden within.




This weekend we went to see the e-Luminate Festival in Cambridge, where some of most famous buildings in the city are the back drop for innovative lighting/art. We didn’t see all of the installations – a couple weren’t working because of the recent bad weather and some were in shops which were closed while we were there – but the ones we did see were great fun.


Happy New Year

New Year’s Day – a time for looking back over last year and looking forward the new. We had some ups and downs during the year but on the whole we were blessed with more ups than downs.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year!


One shot. Two ways …

This week’s challenge One shot. Two ways. Where  you can get more creative with your angle and point-of-view.

More photos from last week-end’s visit to Calke Abbey, which I really enjoyed. Well worth a visit! No matter how I played with angles and points-of-view I couldn’t do justice to the beautiful main staircase of the house. Made of oak and yew and maintained by the family before it went into the care of the National Trust, the staircase is more what you would expect from a conventionally conserved stately home.