Trifextra 100

This week’s challenge is  We are asking for a 33-word response to the following snippet:  The first time I saw. . .

So this is my response.


The first time I saw it I ran.  I took Anne and you and ran as far as we could by moon light. At  dawn we hid in the old  hut and saw the New Dark Age fall.





Trifextra 99

This week’s challenge is Michael Hess inspired us with his three word New Year’s resolution – just be nice.  We’re asking for your own resolutions in just three words.  I think it would be hard to find a better resolution than Michael’s. My resolutions are things I say daily to my class which currently I don’t take enough notice of myself. I couldn’t choose between them so I’ve gone for both.


Be your best.

Don’t give up.


Trifextra 98

This is this week’s challenge. We are giving you exactly 33 words to make us laugh out loud and spread some festive cheer. 

This made me laugh and cry at the same time.  One child’s version of the traditional Christmas story!

child's nativity

Mary went to the doctor in Nazareth.  He said you are going to have a baby. Mary didn’t believe him. Next the doctor in Bethlehem said you are going to have a baby.


Trifextra 95

This weekend’s Trifextra challenge is to choose a word and use it three times in your 33 words.  As a lifelong fan, my 33 words were inspired by the 50th Anniversary of Dr Who and last night’s brilliant anniversary episode.


Time Lord,
your task is not complete.
Your destiny
is to search out
that ephemeral tear
in space and time,
and by liberating Gallifrey,
suspended in time
by your hands,
save your world.


Trifextra 93

Buddhist cosmology tells of Trāyastriṃśa, or the Heaven of Thirty-Three gods, which rule over the human realm.  This weekend we’re asking for exactly 33 of your own words about a god of your own devising that shares heaven with the other thirty-two gods. – 

I am the deity in your home,
made in your image.
You must prove your love and devotion by;
daily sacrifice,
excessive offerings,
constant attention,
bowing to my whims
and never saying no.


Trifextra 92

This weekend’s challenge is

‘In The Scorpio Races, author Maggie Stiefvater writes, “It is the first day of November and so, today, someone will die.”  Give us the next thirty-three words of this story, as you imagine it.  Take it wherever you like, but make it original and make it 33 words exactly.’

And this is my response.

Hovering above A&E she consults the list.

‘You win the Nobel peace prize for your reconciliation campaign, despite what they’ve done to you today… Your next atrocity will galvanize opposition …Aaaaah! Mrs Jones…’



trifextra 88

Halloween has come early over at Triecta.


“And finally, this weekend’s prompt.  As you know, Trifecta has a history of dedicating the entire month of October to Halloween.  We’re kicking it off early and easy with this prompt:

You’ve found some old books.  On page 3 of one of the books, this illustration appears:

Artist credit: Dan Duford

Give us the 33 words that follow this illustration.  What happens next? -”


His hollow eyes locked on the gun.

‘Don’t shoot!’ he begged the fisherman. 

The metallic scrape of the trigger filled the stagnant air.  Powerful green arms squeezed the fisherman’s throat from behind.