Hello! I’m Marie.


I’m Marie.  I  juggle being a  busy mother of three wonderful children – young adults now, looking  after my elderly father who lives 150 miles away and  I teaching in the local primary school where I am also a governor.

The Syllabub Sea is my haven in a hectic world, where I can indulge in my interests.  In no particular order I  love cooking, picnics, theatre, photography, reading, writing, poetry and Christmas.

Calico Jam,

The little Fish swam,

Over the syllabub sea.

He took of his hat,

To the Sole and the Sprat

And the Willeby-wat,

But he never came back to  me!

He never came back!

He never came back!

He never came back to me!

Extract from Calico Pie by Edward Lear.



95 thoughts on “Hello! I’m Marie.

  1. I was wondering about this Syllabub Sea – thanks for the little poem!
    Living more frugally may seem like a drag at first but is ultimately very freeing. By over-consuming we are contributing (often unknowingly) to all of the major problems confronting our planet. There are so many luxuries and pleasures to discover that cannot be bought but only experienced….congratulations on beginning that journey.

      • Isn’t that the truth about living? “I keep getting sidetracked!” – I love that line. I think you have the title of a new poem – “Sidetracked” and the first line. Here’s a challenge for you to write it! I would love to read it if you accept. Let me know if you do.

        It’s exactly the way I have felt too. Come see my post – “The First Baby Step Of The Reluctant Poet”.

  2. Absolutely delightful! – I wish more bloggers came up with name as great. (Mine, I was instructed by a publicity person, has to be my own ‘brand’ in order to push searching and get the book moving. Boring.) You do know, I trust, that after “Wolf Hall” comes “Bring up the Bodies”? – BRILLIANT, simply brilliant. You should also try Rose Tremain’s historical fiction – just as good!

      • Ok, my dear! You are making it hard for me to get to the bottom of your page to leave my own comment by making me want to respond to your responsive comments. LOL. I loved your – “I have the luxury of pleasing myself”. Such a wonderful phrase! A wistful and wise statement of one who has lived a “hub-bub life” in the past and has moved on to a different, self fulfilling time but still keeps the remembrance of yester-years in her heart. I will be waiting for your new poem titled – “Luxury” and the line – “I have the luxury of pleasing myself.

        We will be waiting for your inner thoughts and how you got to – that place. There are a lot of people that need you to tell them of your experience and mindset so they can get there themselves!!

  3. Hi Marie. Thank you so much for your visit to my blog. I loved your blog, it gives a fresh feeling. I am definitely coming back to read them 🙂 I hope you enjoyed your visit too.


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  6. Hello Marie, thanks for finding my blog, and I’m very glad I found yours! You’ve been blogging for quite a while now, much longer than me! I shall follow you with interest…..

  7. I am a teacher too, I love teaching, it gives me satisfaction. The most interesting aspect of my teaching career happened some years ago, I was free and decided to go to every high school I could and educate the young girls about sexuality and womanhood. In the course of that, I told everyone to write a poem about him or herself. I have not recovered from the results I collected. Only then did I know that words are tools in the hands of the creator. I have grown to love poetry and literary works. I love your blog

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  9. Hi, Marie! Just dropping by to say thanks for visiting my blog. Much appreciated! I see here that you do the Zentangles. Your designs are really great. I’ve been doing these for quite a while, but didn’t know there was a blog challenge for them. 🙂

  10. Dear Marie,

    Lovely pictures! I like the content of your blog and have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Here’s the link: https://comeinsitdown.wordpress.com/2016/10/21/versatile-blogger-award/

    Your participation is totally voluntary, you don’t have to accept the nomination. Should you decide not to take part, I will completely understand that and won’t be offended.

    I however will appreciate it if you chose to accept it; I see the nomination process as a way to promote my fellow bloggers work across the board and to spread the word.

    Thank you and best wishes,

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