Breakfast – the most important meal of the day

As a teacher and a foodie the one thing guaranteed to bring a tear to my eye is realising that a child in my class has come to school without having breakfast. We all know how feeling hungry can distract us and research shows that it also makes us irritable and moody. Lack of breakfast seriously undermines that child’s ability to concentrate and learn new things.

It’s a shameful indictment of our society that families in crises have to send their children to school without breakfast. More and more families now rely on food banks – more than you might think. Contributing some tins or packets to your local food bank is a practical way of offering help.



A penny for your thoughts

The post that I had in mind when I started The Syllabus Sea was about Hallowe’en, so for Assignment 3 I decided to write about Easter.

Happy Easter

As a child Easter meant purple to me – Cadbury’s chocolate and church decorations.  We used to decorate twigs with special decorations that mum had collected when we’d lived in Germany.  We boiled up hens eggs with coloured dye and spent hours adding painted patterns.  Then on Easter Sunday we searched the garden for hidden chocolate eggs before being trooped off to church. I passed these traditions on to my children.

Easter also reminds me of a shopping trip with my mum .  We went to one of her favourite shopping outlets but she didn’t remember where anything was, wanted to buy bizarre things and she kept wandering off.  It was like shopping with a  child. Not long afterwards she was diagnosed with a form of vascular dementia.  We never went shopping again.

Looking over both posts I think what I had in mind was to preserve family memories for myself and my children because one day I might not be able to remember them myself.


Who I am and why I’m here


As you’ll see below I’m Marie, mother of three wonderful children – well young adults really – and I teach in the local primary school.

I want Syllabub Sea to be where I write about my new life and share my hobbies; digital photography, poetry, cooking and reading.  A hectic work life means that I don’t post as often as I’d like so I’m taking part in April’s Zero to Hero in the hope that it will help me to write more regularly.