Ghost of Tangles Past

This week’s Diva’s Challenge is to recreate a tile from your past with your present style.

I didn’t think that I’d be able to take part in this week’s challenge because I’ve only been Tangling for a year or so.  It seems I was wrong. I do seem to be developing my own style and today I wouldn’t choose to put these two tangles together. You live and learn!


Happy Tangling

I am the Diva had a guest challenge this week.  Dilip Patel set the challenge of Monotangle Trees in support of the World Climate Change talks taking place in Paris.


My X monotangle tree.


A small grove of them!

By coincidence I created trees for Diane and Carolien’s challenge last week.  This week their Alphabet Challenge is K-U-C.


I’ve used Chemystery, Cadent, Keeko and Undo.