Spicy Chestnut and Parsnip Soup

Bonfire Night.

It’s been clear and crisp, perfect for fireworks and home-made soup all day. We are lucky enough to live within walking distance of the park where the big local fireworks display is held. I’m really looking forward to it, it is always spectacular.  In the meantime we’ve been enjoying an old favourite Spicy Chestnut and Parsnip Soup – a sure sign that winter is fast approaching.

Spicy Chestnut and Parsnip Soup

(serves 4)

200g       chestnuts

200g       parsnips

1                 onion

1                 potato

1                 apple

600ml    vegetable stock

1tbs     curry paste

Sauté the onions in some sunflower oil. Add the curry paste. Cook for a minute or two. Add the rest of the dry ingredients and coat with the onion/curry mixture. Add the vegetable stock. Bring to the boil the put a lid on the pan and simmer for half an hour.  I used a potato masher today to blend the vegetables into the soup for a rougher texture but it’s also good blitzed with a blender until its velvety smooth.  Garnish with cream or yoghurt.

The fireworks were beautiful as usual but unfortunately it started to rain as we walked down. We sheltered under a tree but still ended up like drowned rats and wouldn’t you know it? The wind and rain vanished on the walk back home.


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