meal planning monday 2.12.13

menu blackboard

A busy week ahead so to keep me on track I’ve already made the Shepherd’s pie – special request from my DD for her birthday supper.

Monday 2nd Chestnut& parsnip soup
Tuesday 3rd   Baked potato & prawn cocktail
Wednesday 4th Shepherd’s Pie and mixed veg
Thursday 5th Left over shepherd’s pie
Friday 6th Salmon, broccoli & hew potatoes
Saturday 7th Stuffed Romano peppers
Sunday 8th Roast chicken, Yorkshire pudding and fresh veg

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meal planning monday 25.11.13

menu blackboard



Another busy week ahead so I’m making good use of the slow cooker.  Sunday is my Knight in Shining Armour’s birthday. I’m not sure what we’ll be eating that night but I’m hoping it will involve going to a nice restaurant.   Head over to Mrs M‘s for more delicious meal plans.

Monday 25th Quick Salmon pasta
Tuesday 26th Risotto using up left over salmon.
Wednesday 27th Chilli & rice
Thursday 28th Cheese and ham omelette
Friday 29th Sausage & Bean casserole
Saturday 30th Slow cooked lamb
Sunday 1st Restaurant


meal planning monday 18.11.13

meal plan blackboard

Meal planning is helping me be much more organised with shopping, time and in the kitchen.  It seems to be getting colder here this week so lots of warming winter favourites. Visit Mrs M’s for more meal planning ideas.

Monday               Left over coq au vin

Tuesday               Gluten free pizza

Wednesday          Cheese and ham omelette

Thursday             Chicken fajitas

Friday                  Steak pie tatttie & neaps

Saturday              Mince & potatoes

Sunday                 Slow cooker lamb shanks


Meal Planning Monday 11.11.13

menu blackboard

Monday again  and this is the current meal plan. I’m being observed at work this week – always disconcerting and I have a Governors Meeting mid-week – very busy work wise so want an easy week in the kitchen.  Head over to Mrs M’s for more meal plans.

Monday 11th Left over shepherd’s pie
Tuesday 12th Potato & leek soup
Wednesday 13th Bangers & mash
Thursday 14th Citrus Chicken Bake
Friday 15th Coq au vin
Saturday 16th Risotto
Sunday 17th Home-made burgers


Meal Planning Monday 4.11.13

menu boardAfter a relaxing half term with my Knight-in-Shining-Armour it’s back to work today and back to meal planning in a new  attempt to keep budget and calories under control!

Meal Planning Monday

Monday 4th Broccoli soup & bread
Tuesday 5th Tuna & Baked Potato
Wednesday 6th Chicken curry & rice
Thursday 7th Invited out for supper
Friday 8th Shepherd’s Pie
Saturday 9th Kofta and Tomato Salad
Sunday 10th Roast Chicken, Yorkshire Pud & veg


Meal Planning Tuesday

It’s Art’s Week at school this week so I will be spending the week up to elbows in PVA and paint getting ready for an exhibition of work on Friday.  Evenings are generally spent preparing the building blocks of activities or ‘rescuing’ works of art so this week’s meals need to be easy.

MONDAY 2oth                  Slow cooker beef, Yorkshire puds,  carrots & Jersey Royals.

TUESDAY 21st                  Left over beef and asparagus.

WEDNESDAY 22nd           Baked potato and chilli at PTA pub quiz.

THURSDAY 23rd               Risotto using whatever veg arrive in the veg box.

FRIDAY  24th                    Home made burgers.

SATURDAY 25th                Salmon fillet, broccoli & Jersey Royals.

SUNDAY 26th                    Travelling to Yorkshire to visit Dad – not sure how meals will work out.

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Meal Planning Monday

Another hectic week at work with SATs week – one long round of testing, assessing, marking and ‘fun activities’ so meal planning is even more important this week..

MONDAY 13th                   Salmon fish cakes & roast Mediterranean peppers.

TUESDAY 14th                  Mushroom omelette & salad (lots of mushrooms to use up!)

WEDNESDAY 15th            Risotto using up something else  from veg drawer.

THURSDAY 16th               Chicken fajitas & roasted Romero pepper

FRIDAY  17th                    Turkey curry and pershwari nan.

SATURDAY 18th               Coq au vin

SUNDAY 19th                    Travelling to Yorkshire to visit Dad – not sure how meals will work out.

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