Meal Planning Monday 16.12.13

menu blackboard

Christmas will be taking over everything at work this week. We’ve written our letters to Santa,  retold the story of the First Christmas and solved a variety of Christmassy mathematical problems. So this week it will be Christmas lunch, Nativity play, parties, Christmas disco, visit from Santa and the Carol Service. I love it but it is exhausting.  We also have a colleague who is retiring so there will also be a variety of farewell celebrations interspersed throughout the week.

So this is a pared down meal plan, mainly using up what is in the fridge and  freezer.

Monday 16th Cheese and ham omelette
Tuesday 17th Prawn & lemon risotto
Wednesday 18th Tuna & Baked potato
Thursday 19th Retirement do
Friday 20th Slow cooker beef casserole
Saturday 21st Away for family celebration
Sunday 22nd Away for family celebration

To see what everyone else is doing this week head over to Mrs M’s.


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