Meal Planning Monday

Goodness the end of April already – out of routine for a range of reasons,  it seems to have passed by in  a blur.  I’ve spent today on a great school trip to the zoo but constantly counting heads can be very stressful.  So now I’m enjoying a glass of red wine while I plan this week’s meals.

MONDAY 29th                  Salmon fish cakes, new potatoes & carrots.

TUESDAY 30th                 Left over beef, Yorkshire pudding & carrots.

WEDNESDAY 1st               Left over salmon in a risotto.

THURSDAY 2nd                Chicken curry, rice and popadoms.

FRIDAY  3rd                      Duck confit & vegetables.

SATURDAY 4th                 Lamb Koftas &  tomato and chilli salad .

SUNDAY 5th                     Roast chicken,roast potatoes and veg.

For more Meal Plans head over to Mrs M‘s


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