This week’s WP Discover Challenge is Identity.

In the last few months my father has become much frailer. He can no longer live in his own home.  It is becoming harder and harder to see the vibrant, intelligent, charming man I have known all my life.  He has had some amazing adventures,  did his duty with bravery and dignity, made sacrifices and, of course, like everyone else made mistakes.  Sadly, the people he meets now only see the faintest shadow of that man.


Soldier and linguist

hidden beneath frailty your

unseen essence.



Two different perspectives

This week’s WP Discover Challenge is Perspective.


Early morning phone

call, worst fears are realised.

Dialled wrong number.

Earlier this week, my frail, elderly dad rang me and all I could hear was heavy breathing and there was no response to my voice. I immediately thought he’d had another stroke.  I rang back  before ringing the ambulance and starting the three and a half hour journey to see him.   When he answered he sounded normal and surprised to hear me. He’d pressed the wrong speed dial button and had put the phone down when he realised. What a relief!