A penny for your thoughts

The post that I had in mind when I started The Syllabus Sea was about Hallowe’en, so for Assignment 3 I decided to write about Easter.

Happy Easter

As a child Easter meant purple to me – Cadbury’s chocolate and church decorations.  We used to decorate twigs with special decorations that mum had collected when we’d lived in Germany.  We boiled up hens eggs with coloured dye and spent hours adding painted patterns.  Then on Easter Sunday we searched the garden for hidden chocolate eggs before being trooped off to church. I passed these traditions on to my children.

Easter also reminds me of a shopping trip with my mum .  We went to one of her favourite shopping outlets but she didn’t remember where anything was, wanted to buy bizarre things and she kept wandering off.  It was like shopping with a  child. Not long afterwards she was diagnosed with a form of vascular dementia.  We never went shopping again.

Looking over both posts I think what I had in mind was to preserve family memories for myself and my children because one day I might not be able to remember them myself.



Who I am and why I’m here


As you’ll see below I’m Marie, mother of three wonderful children – well young adults really – and I teach in the local primary school.

I want Syllabub Sea to be where I write about my new life and share my hobbies; digital photography, poetry, cooking and reading.  A hectic work life means that I don’t post as often as I’d like so I’m taking part in April’s Zero to Hero in the hope that it will help me to write more regularly.


Three threes

This week’s WP Photo Challenge is Threes.

As you will no doubt be able to tell from the images I am not really a football person and until 6 months ago I had never been to a match. However, my Knight in Shining Armour is a life long Derby fan and as our current work situation means that he works away all week I have started going with him on the 7 hour round trips to see matches at weekends.  Although I know a lot more about football now I still spend most of the match baffled.

These sets of Three Picture Stories tell the story of my day yesterday.

The build up to the match.

The match.

Time to go home.


Hello! I’m Marie.

I’ve been blogging for just over a year now, treading a fine line between  sharing my thoughts, not invading my children’s privacy and keeping work and home life separate – not an easy balancing act as you must know. I’ve been told I should update my about page so I’ve put together this gallery to add to it.


What is round the corner?


The phrase ‘you just don’t know what is round the corner’ is so true. The last ten days have proved to be a real roller-coaster here. Starting with a riotous ‘team building’ activity making and playing ukuleles and ending with a funeral. As with so many sudden deaths we are still struggling to make sense of it, yet we are now expected to get back to ‘normal’. So easy to say…  Yes, I know that time is the great healer and that we will all achieve a new normality but just at the moment that seems such a long way off.

So this is me getting back to normal – playing with photos and pottering on my blog.


12 angry men

Garrick theatre

I’d last seen 12 Angry Men by Reginald Rose as the well-known Henry Fonda film in my early teens and wondered how well the 1950s drama would come across on the stage today.  I needn’t have worried. I was totally enthralled by the current West End production with a cast of amazing actors including Martin Shaw and Robert Vaughn and directed by Christopher Haydon.  Michael Pavelka’s revolving stage is a stroke of genius which not only allows you to enjoy all the rich performances but also evokes the impression of time moving slowly.

We thoroughly enjoyed  and  highly recommend this brilliant show.


End of an inspirational era

good luck


It was our last day at school today and a hectic Christmassy end to a busy term and tucking amongst it all was a farewell retirement assembly for a member of staff who has taught at the school for the whole of his 40 year career.  I have to admit there were tears in my eyes when I was reminded of just how much he has  achieved.  3,500, 000 million minutes in the classroom, 1250 pupils are just two of the ‘factoids’ that remain in my head and that is not to mention the uncounted hundreds of hours he has spent during his  evenings, weekends and holidays  organising a myriad of events.  He has created a real legacy and set the bar extremely high for the rest of us. School will feel very different next term.




cinemaWe went to the cinema this week, quite an occasion in this house. We don’t go often because my Knight in Shining Armour sets an extremely high bar for what is worth seeing, only one or two a year are deemed worthy.

We saw Gravity, in 3D of course!  I have to admit that I was sceptical. I had heard a couple of reviews and wasn’t sure that a film about two astronauts drifting in space would be my cup of tea. I have to admit that he was right and I was wrong.

It was totally absorbing. The 3D cinematography was spectacular – you feel as if you are floating alongside them and holding your breath as they battle to overcome each obstacle.

My mind keeps returning to the richer, deeper elements of the story. There is a lot to think about.

If you are thinking about going I would recommend it wholeheartedly.