Things happen every day, big and small. Together they make our family history, our local history, our country’s history and sometimes they become part of global history.

All of these things happened on 27th September in years gone by.

In 1066 William the Conqueror and his army launched their invasion.

In 1389 Cosimo de Medici was born.

In 1825 Stephenson’s Locomotive No 1 carried the first passengers on a public rail line.

In 2016 we collected conkers in the grounds of Kirby Hal.


Risking all. Setting

out on the greatest of all

Of life’s adventures.


What does 27th September mean to you?  Create a Blocks of History post and add a link in the comments box.






  1. Honestly- KFC will be
    -a salvation…chicken bones?-
    From technology.

    Or I have no doubt collecting conkers… 😉 might matter more than you know.

    On the off chance I sound weird ( I am) but,

    Note all those fancy phones or 60 dollar all in one electric battery tools etc? Battery production is a hazard just as gold mining a hundred and some ago had deadly tailing wastes too, progress has a price. It creates opportunities too.

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