Building Blocks of History 29th March

Things happen every day, big and small. Together they make our family history, our local history, our country’s history and sometimes they become part of global history.

All of these things happened on 29th March in years gone by.

In 239 BC Halley’s comet came closest to the sun on its first recorded passage.

In 1827 10,000 mourners paid their respects at Beethoven’s funeral.

In 1871 Queen Victoria opened the Royal Albert Hall.

In 2016 we visited the Triangular Lodge.

Celestial music

Astronomical wonders

Inspiring brilliance.


What does 29th March mean to you?  Create a Building Blocks of History post and add a link in the comments box.



One thought on “Building Blocks of History 29th March

  1. The historic value your blog represents is one that should not be overlooked.

    We would love feedback from a historian like you. Please check out our blog at Gastradamus and be sure to comment with your thoughts and we would be more than happy to promote your website through ours. Hope to see you soon

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