Building blocks of History 31st August

Things happen every day, big and small. Together they make our family history, our local history, our country’s history and sometimes they become part of global history.

All of these things happened on 31st August in years gone by.

In 1422 Henry VI became King of England at 9 months old. He later founded King’s College, Cambridge.

In 1870 Maria Montessori was born.

In 1997 Princess Diana died.

In 2015 I explored  Wollaston Hall, used as Wayne Manor in The Black Knight Rises.


Vital early years

Beautiful absorbent minds

Building the future.


What does 31st August mean to you?  Create a Building Blocks of History post and add  a link  in the comments box.



4 thoughts on “Building blocks of History 31st August

  1. wow – I don’t really have any memories for the 31 of August – but this post is cool – and side note – we watched two specials about princess di – the last 48 hours and then another one about the investigation of her accident – all interesting – and such a tragic thing!

  2. 31st August always means Diana for us, Marie. We were in Rome and came down to hear the news at breakfast. What a start to an Italian tour! We subsequently watched scenes of the funeral in a shop window in Milan. Last year I managed to visit the memorial fountain in London.

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