Building blocks of History 17th August

Things happen every day, big and small. Together they make our family history, our local history, our country’s history and sometimes they become part of global history.

All of these things happened on 17th August in years gone by.

In 1771 Edinburgh botanist James Robertson makes the first recorded ascent of Ben Nevis

In 1836 Charles Darwin and the Beagle set sail from Brazil for the voyage home.

In 1978 US balloonists, Ben Abruzzo, Maxie Anderson, and Larry Newman complete first Transatlantic balloon crossing

In 2009 I went in search of the Loch Ness monster.



Fused with courage and spirit

of adventurer.


What does 17th August mean to you?  Create a Building Blocks of History post and add a link  in the comments box.



10 thoughts on “Building blocks of History 17th August

  1. Hi Marie, 17th August was the day my son got married. His wife has filed for divorce. Today has become a day of grief for him. He loves his wife and children. His ex has alienated the children from him. That’s another deep source of grief.

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