This week’s WP Discover Challenge is Identity.

In the last few months my father has become much frailer. He can no longer live in his own home.  It is becoming harder and harder to see the vibrant, intelligent, charming man I have known all my life.  He has had some amazing adventures,  did his duty with bravery and dignity, made sacrifices and, of course, like everyone else made mistakes.  Sadly, the people he meets now only see the faintest shadow of that man.


Soldier and linguist

hidden beneath frailty your

unseen essence.



22 thoughts on “Identity

  1. A beautiful touching post and a lovely tribute to your dad. A poignant post for me as I have just returned home because dad is struggling with dementia and has had to be admitted to a secure unit. Very hard for mum. Every day brings tears frustrations but a lot of laughter and love too. Best wishes to you your dad and loved ones. Hold him dear!

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