List of desires

This month I’ve enjoyed reading The Great Book of Lists posts over at La Duchesse d’Erat’s blog.



“Instead of listing material things to buy, I suggest we list things we feel like doing in 2016.”


My aspiration (not resolution) for Β 2016 is to improve my Well-being and to let go of life’s stresses.

My List of Desires

Enjoy more family hugs.

Eat less meat.

Improve my inner calmness.

Learn Tai Chi.

Spend more time with friends.Β 



10 thoughts on “List of desires

  1. I low the “spend more Lime with friends” / jk- but at first when I saw the photo it looked like like – and I have been trying to have fresh lemon or lime water daily – – anyhow – your aspirations sound nice /

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