Circle of life

Circle of Life

At the seashore
wind of summer through my hair
the shortest night.

Children’s innocent laughter
building sandcastles in Spain.

Return to chilly nights
long classroom days spent learning
spellings and tables.

Forging new playground friendships
form lifetime alliances.

Frozen longest night
snuggled up with new found love
warmed by crackling logs.

Midnight mass and hot mince pies
pigs in blankets, brandy butter.

First cherry blossom buds
joyful church bells ring a peal
confetti showers.

Honeymoon adventures
together on a new path.

Long, hot night of pain
delivers blessing of new life,
new responsibilities.

Nurturing, protecting and
revealing the wonders of the world.

Family traditions,
golden days beside the sea,
donkey rides and candy floss.

Seashore’s breeze ruffling their hair
as they, in turn, build castles.

Carpe Diem Special #191 A Trip Along Memory Lane #2 Soliloquy no Renga



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