Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories 2015 – Santa Claus


The 6th window in the Advent Calendar of Memories is Santa Claus.

I cherish this battered little tree decoration because he was given to me by Mum and has adorned every Christmas tree I’ve ever had.

As children we did all the usual things. We wrote letters to Santa, visited him at parties and of course we used to leave sherry and mince pies out for him on Christmas Eve along with a bunch of the juiciest carrots for the reindeer.  My brother and I were so excited that we stayed up until the wee small hours and were up at the crack of dawn.  We raced downstairs and just for  a minute we stared in wonder at  gifts he had left in perfectly arranged piles – one for me and one for my brother – before playing with each and every one.  When it was time to go  back to school, like thousands of other children, we had to write our holiday news.  One thing that always baffled me when we did this was that the other children in the class talked about unwrapping presents – the ones with less self control ripped them open.  I didn’t understand this at all because the presents that Santa left at our house were never wrapped up – ever.  So why did he wrap everybody else’s presents and not ours?  A mystery I didn’t solve for many years!

Here are some of my very favourite Santas.

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