On top of Tamworth Castle

This weekend’s WP Photo Challenge is On Top.

Yesterday we visited a childhood haunt of my Knight in Shining Armour –  Tamworth Castle. A Norman motte and bailey castle which has the second largest motte in England.  Historically Tamworth was the capital of the Kingdom of Mercia.  We spent an enjoyable afternoon enjoying the history, the exhibitions and the hands on activities. Then we explored the gardens which were a hive of activities including; an adventure playground, crazy golf,  flat green bowling, outdoor gym, the planet walk, skate park and even a travelling fair.  Lots to do for everyone, it was a  great day out.



3 thoughts on “On top of Tamworth Castle

  1. Beautiful photos. It’s looks a lovely site to visit. I enjoy visiting castles and getting immersed in all the history, whilst walking in the footsteps of the people who have ever lived there. I recently took my nephew and niece to Lewes castle and wrote a blog about the experience. They loved every minute of exploring its history and it was a fantastic day out for us all.

    • Always the best way to learn – God bless all the parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents and everyone else who give children such important opportunities to learn and have fun. I used to take my class to Rockingham Castle but Tamworth has a much better child centric approach. I now teach Florence Nightingale and The Great Fire of London – great topics but nothing beats castles.

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