Reflections by Design

With week’s WP Photo Challenge is Reflections.

I took these photos ten days ago when had our first sunny, springlike day of this year.    We enjoyed soaking up  those first rays of sunshine at Lyveden New Bield in Northamptonshire. A fascinating Elizabethan garden house that was never completed. Designed and begun by Sir Thomas Tresham an eminent Catholic during the reign of Elizabeth I, who was imprisoned and fined for his beliefs.  He wanted to create a pleasure garden for his manner house which would culminate in the discovery of the garden house, which was steeped in religious symbolism.  When his labourers heard that he had run out of money they downed tools and the house was never completed.  The house is now in the care of the National Trust.  Lyveden is a beautiful, tranquil hidden gem and well worth a visit if you are in this part of the world.


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