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  6. My hometown is Memphis, Tennessee, USA, where the Memphis Belle sat on display for many years. I didn’t realize that it has been moved to Cambridge. My wife’s uncle was a B17 pilot, who was killed in action. He is buried in the Cambridge American Cemetery . I don’t know the back story on the teddy bear, but the woman was the pilot’s girlfriend. Such pictures were often painted on the noses of the planes as morale boosters and reminders of what awaited them back home. A good documentary and motion picture have been made about this plane’s crew and missions. Thanks for posting.

    • I don’t know if you have been to the Cambridge American Cemetery but it is both peaceful and poignant. We owe so much to so many brave young men and their families.
      I’ve heard the story of the pilots girlfriend too but don’t know about the teddy. I can only assume that if you have such grave responsibilities that you need reminders of the good side of life.

      • The family tragedy is that two sons were lost in WWII within weeks of each other – one buried at Cambridge, the other at Manilla, Philippines. Consequently, my wife’s father, the only surviving child, was not required to go into active military service. To my knowledge, no family members have ever been able to visit the graves. However, we are grateful for the countries who have given a place of respect for our fallen soldiers to rest.

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