This weekend’s WP Challenge is to show Joy. 

irisJoy is tricky to capture so instead I’ve chosen something that always makes me joyful.  Irises are my favourite flower.  They are so cheerful.  Their vibrant colours always lift my mood.  Irises make me look forward  to the future and spring ( although you seem to be able to get them most of the year now),  and they remind me of happy times and loved ones.  My daughter saw these this week and knew I’d love them.  Every time I walk past them I can’t help but smile.  Aren’t they beautiful?



21 thoughts on “Joy

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  6. yes, they are gorgeous – and seeing them in person is probably even more enriching!!! but this awesome photo brought joy to me – and I did not realize that this Iris had the complementary color pair of purple and yellow – (along with red/green and blue/orange)
    and sometimes in the art room I need an example for the students to remember the pairs – and I usually refer to the LA lakers (lol) to help kids remember that purple and yellow are complements – and to help them see that when certain colors are paired together – each color stands out brighter and even richer – and maybe that is also why this picture is so lovely – because the light coming in from the back is helping that purple to glow – and work with the hello – and the green enriches the pair as well – 🙂

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    • 🙂 Your memory brings me a smile too. I lost my mother in law at the beginning of the month. She used to have a flower shop and I loved visiting, seeing the flowers, smelling the fragrances and most of all seeing the beautiful arrangements that she produced.

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