Comfort food


mashed potato


As the nights draw in and I get home from hectic days at work nothing is  more welcome than mashed potatoes.  My ultimate comfort food!  My basic recipe is to boil Maris Piper or Cara potatoes (but sometimes beggars can’t be choosers and I use whatever I have).   Then I add a generous knob of butter, grated cheddar and bunch of spring onions, adding salt to taste and then I mash it carefully – there is nothing worse than lumpy mash! I love it and can happily eat this on its own but it is also delicious with stews. I love it even more when it has soaked up some sauce or gravy.

I also add other vegetables to my mash. My favourite is shredded Savoy Cabbage, but crushed Brussels Sprouts, carrots, swede and parsnips are all just as good.

When  I taste a well  made mash my troubles melt away and I feel the comfort of my Nana and my Mum surrounding me and nothing seems so bad.


2 thoughts on “Comfort food

  1. I also love boiled mashed potatoes with mashed in greens and Roasted parsnips in olive oil mashed in as well gives it extra flavour. My mother when I was younger used to give me that mash and cabbage – and I also go back to it as a memory of her, here and there. Tastes great with brussel sprouts too. 🙂

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