This week’s  WP photo challenge is Grand.

grand dining tableThis picture screams GRAND to me. Grand dining. Grand living. Grand people. Luxury. Opulence.  Wealth.  In my minds eye I can see the leisured débutantes and  matriarchs escorted by the rakes, bachelors with prospects and assorted pillars of the establishment  waiting to sample the opulent banquet prepared by  the highly skilled Brigade de Cuisine downstairs …

This beautiful dining room can be seen in Chatsworth House home to the Dukes of Devonshire since the 16th Century.  A beautiful house, and is  well worth a visit if you are in the area.


21 thoughts on “Grand

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  6. Beautifully captured! It always makes me a bit sad when I see opulence such as this and compare it to the less fortunate among us but always nice to see how the truly wealthy live. I’d prefer a simple meal in a cozy place with close friends myself! Imagine having to dress up and be formal all the time LOL

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