pin boardResistance by Owen Sheers

This book explores an alternative ending to the Second World War, based in the Home Front of a valley in the Welsh borders.  In this version of history the D-Day landing failed allowing a German counter-attack and invasion. Invasion was feared by many, particularly during the summer of 1940, which led to formation of the Auxiliary units of the Home Guard.

At the beginning of the book the able bodied men vanish overnight with no explanation. The bonds between the women left behind grow strong as they pull together to keep their farms running and to cope with the ever changing world of having German patrol stationed in their valley.

The book is beautifully written, from the lyrical descriptions of the Welsh landscapes to the sensitive  portrayal of characters struggling with their new reality.  A deceptively gentle book which absorbs you completely yet still has the ability to shock.

I really enjoyed it.



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