abandonned kitchen


I read this weekend’s photo challenge – foreshadow just before we left for a weekend break.  I couldn’t think of anything that would fit so put it all to the back of my mind and set off to enjoy our trip to  Derbyshire.   When we visited Calke Abbey “the un-stately home”  foreshadow kept popping back into my head.  I took this picture in the  kitchens which were abandoned by the family in the 1920s when cost cutting meant there were no longer enough servants to run it.   It seemed to me the abandoned kitchens foreshadowed what was to come. Gradually more and more rooms were closed off because the family couldn’t afford to run them, until the 1980s when  the house was given to the National Trust to settle death duties.  The house today  is fascinating because  The National Trust have preserved it in the state it was in when it came to them rather than restoring it to its original glory, not something we often  see.



8 thoughts on “Foreshadow

  1. Great shot. It looks like a drawing from a children’s book. And yes, you are right, maintaining the house in disarray is indeed an unusual twist. Usually life is presented to us all covered in lipstick and rouge. I rather like the honesty of their chosen presentation. 🙂

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