Weekly Photo Challenge – Companionable


This week’s challenge is Companionable . This is my contribution – one of my  favourite photos. They were great childhood companions, always getting into mischief and quick to comfort each other when things went wrong.  Where does time the go?  One has just passed his driving test and the other disappeared on Bonfire Night  and, sadly, has never been seen since.Marie

18 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Companionable

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  6. What a perfect picture for this challenge. I’m so sorry you lost your dog. I hope someone found him that loved him as much as you did. Dogs are amazing. Ours is a found one. She came up to me as I was walking along our rural highway, rolled over and said, “Take me home with you.” We walked in a 3 mile area asking as we went. No one had ever seen her, so I figured she had been dropped off because that happens. She’s been our sweetest dog for four years now. I always wondered how anyone could let her go, but they left no way to contact them. Thanks for visiting my blog. Hope you come back! you blog looks very beautiful. 🙂

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