Meal Planning Tuesday

It’s Art’s Week at school this week so I will be spending the week up to elbows in PVA and paint getting ready for an exhibition of work on Friday.  Evenings are generally spent preparing the building blocks of activities or ‘rescuing’ works of art so this week’s meals need to be easy.

MONDAY 2oth                  Slow cooker beef, Yorkshire puds,  carrots & Jersey Royals.

TUESDAY 21st                  Left over beef and asparagus.

WEDNESDAY 22nd           Baked potato and chilli at PTA pub quiz.

THURSDAY 23rd               Risotto using whatever veg arrive in the veg box.

FRIDAY  24th                    Home made burgers.

SATURDAY 25th                Salmon fillet, broccoli & Jersey Royals.

SUNDAY 26th                    Travelling to Yorkshire to visit Dad – not sure how meals will work out.

For more Meal Plans head over to Mrs M‘s



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