Meal Planning Tuesday

Ooophs! a little late with my plan this week, not because I was doing anything exciting – I was spring cleaning 😦  I’m naturally a messy person so cleaning and tidying are my least favourite chores. They even make sorting out recycling and gardening sound appealing. But this week I’ve been inspired to get on top of it all by the Frugal Queen’s post OOOOOOeeeer! Keep it Clean! Since I read this I’ve been working my way around the house – a little each day, in the hope that by the time I go back to work I’ll be able to spend just half an hour a day to keep things spick and span.

MONDAY 7th                      Coq au vin with green beans and spring onion mash.

TUESDAY 8th                     Chicken jalfrezi with lemon rice.

WEDNESDAY 9th               Going out for lunch so probably lentil soup.

THURSDAY 10th                Chicken & pepper fajitas.

FRIDAY 11th                       Slow cooker lamb shanks & vegetables.

SATURDAY 12th                Salmon, new potatoes and petit pois.

SUNDAY 13th                     Bangers and cabbage mash.

For more Meal Plans head over to Mrs M‘s



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