18 today!

18 years agoI know everyone says it but how did my little baby get to be so old, so quickly?  He had a rocky first year.  Becoming distressed during his birth he arrived by caesarean. He wasn’t home for long before he was rushed back to hospital, very poorly with pyloric stenosis, discovered late because there was no projectile vomiting, the classic symptom.  In the end that meant two operations, very traumatic for all of us.  Fortunately things went quiet for a few months before his father slipped while carrying him down stairs which led to another stay in hospital with a broken leg. The break turned out to be through growth plates so we spent the next year going to monthly check-ups. During that time glue ear and a squint where also discovered – which led to another couple of years of  appointments, ops and check-ups.  Thanks to the excellent care he received from  a small army of dedicated NHS staff, he has grown up into a strong, healthy and happy young man.  I’m very proud of him. Happy Birthday Son.



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