February’s To Do List

February's to do listThis month’s list is almost identical to last month’s because my good intentions were derailed by an exceptionally busy/stressful month at work.   So I’m starting again this month.  I’ve already had an  unexpected £500 garage bill to get the car through it’s MOT and DD2 will be 21 next weekend so there is no prospect whatsoever of making additional savings this month.  I’ve added reading for pleasure because I’ve noticed that in the last year I’ve mainly read work related books.  I’ve already made a start on this so I’m feeling quite positive about this month’s list.

Read a book for pleasure not work. Managed to read two.

Lose 1lb a week.   Nearly achieved – lost 3 lbs this month.

Make weekly meal plans. – Oh dear! Still not done this despite best of intentions.

Go for a walk at least twice a week.    Half achieved – a walk a week.

Sell 10 things on ebay. – only managed to sell one this month.

Continue  sealed jar for change. √ 

Clear the Spare Room. – Oh dear! very little progress here either.



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