Spare Room

This is the before picture of my spare room. What my Mum would have called a Glory hole.  It started when I moved with a pile of boxes to be unpacked later.

spare roomAnd some of it was but after three downsizing moves in the last five years there isn’t room for everything.  Believe it or not I did start sorting through it after the move – this is what’s left.  I am a hoarder by nature so this resolution is going to be hard – but I am  determined to find the rest of the carpet!  I  have already made a start and recycled two big boxes of books.

I went back to work yesterday. It was training about the Olympic Legacy project that we are about to start so I was looking forward to an inspiring day.  Unfortunately we had the world’s worst trainer. I need to be careful what I say (no I know he will not be reading my blog but one day someone who knows him might be) but he has to be the personification of the old boys’ network.  After four hours of his very expensive time the programme is not even as clear as mud and that is despite him having being asked outright to explain it and we have to introduce it to children next week. Aaaaargh!



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