Getting Ready for Christmas.

The clocks have gone back, Halloween and Fireworks night are over – winter is on its way.  Yesterday I got the script for our Christmas production – the official signal that the build-up to the big day has begun.  It begins slowly with the tricky business of allocating parts and  learning  the songs. Before you know it life is just a whirlwind of costumes, rehearsals, letters to Santa, sickness, carol services, the baby Jesus and a myriad of Christmas tales and stories. I love it all. Don’t you?

Life at work gets very hectic by December and often ends with some sort of bug or virus. A couple of years ago I spent the two weeks before Christmas laid up in bed with terrible flu so now I try to get  organised in November so even if I’m not feeling a hundred per cent  I know I don’t have to brave the bad weather, parking chaos and  last minute Christmas shopping madness.  I’d much rather be at home, pottering in the kitchen and listening to all the old Christmas favourites.

My organised Christmas campaign begins in earnest this weekend.  I’ve already ordered the turkey and  booked my grocery order Christmas delivery slot. I’ll end up changing the order  a couple of times before the big day but that is easily done.  I’ve ordered the tree and begun on-line shopping.

A good start .


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